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PalVerse Love Live ! Super Star! Release Commemorative Event

PalVerse Love Live ! Superstar! A launch event was held to commemorate the release of the


Event Details

Date & Time: September 29 (Fri.) - Ends as soon as all the tickets are sold out.

Target stores: Listed below

Distribution conditions: At participating stores, "PalVerse Love Live ! Superstar! at the participating stores, one original sticker (total 1 kind) will be given away with each purchase!

End as soon as each store runs out.

*One sticker will be distributed even if purchased in a box.


Target Stores ■


Ikebukuro Main Store (

Osaka Nihonbashi Store (


Yodobashi Camera

Multimedia Akiba (

Multimedia Sendai (

Multimedia Umeda Store (

Multimedia Saitama-shintoshin Ekimae (

Multimedia Yokohama (



Akihabara (

Ikebukuro Mixa (

Harajuku Gamers Store (


Hakuhinkan TOY PARK Ginza Main Store



hobby zone

Aeon Lake Town (

Hamamatsu Shidoro (


■Targeted products

PalVerse Love Live! Superstar!!

Product Information:


Please come visit us at our store.