PalVerse project has launched!

Bushiroad Creative Inc. has launched the "PalVerse" project, a new figure brand based on the concept of "Pal (palm)" and "Verse (Universe)" or simply known as “PalVerse”… a new world in your palm!

Catering to fans all over the world, our figures smart design features cute expressions, as if the characters have jumped out of the virtual world!


≪A word from Kosuke Narita, President of Bushiroad Creative Inc.
We have been developing prototypes and manufacturing know-how of mini-figures for about 7 years in the capsule toy business. With the increasing popularity of Japanese IP in countries around the world, we have been thinking since last year whether we could create a global product in the hobby field by making use of our experience.
All members of the project have worked passionately to make the product affordable for a wide range of age groups, not just the active core group, and to create a design that would fit in well with the digital native generation.
While the "Pal" in "PalVerse" evokes a palm-sized figure, the word also has the nuance of "friend.
I selfishly hope to be a "friend" who can gently approach the personal space of our customers.
More announcements will be made at Wonder Festival and on the official website and SNS. Please stay tuned.


Various titles are planned for the future!

Stay tuned for future updates!!!